Puntstuk, Klapstuk, Brisket op de BBQ.

Some foods will improve your meal... Brisket will improve your life - Stephanie Pierson
  • Marinate the brisket
    2 blokjes runderboullion, RUB,  1 1/2 cups red wine, 1/2 olive oil, 1 tablespoon​ wine vinegar, peper, zout knoflook.
    • Pour over brisket and let marinate overnight in the refrigerator, turning occasionally. In small box, container, pan etc in ziplock bag to submerge.
    • Remove brisket from marinade and boil remaining marinade for 5 minutes to use as a mop.
  • Smoke & wet mop the brisket every 30min @ 110 graden celcius, Low and Slow
  • Texas Crutch Technique: this is a great way to speed up the smoking process on large cuts of meat like a brisket or pork shoulder. It will also help keep the brisket moist and tender.
    • When a large piece of meat hits a certain temperature it begins to “stall”. This basically means that the temperature of the meat has hit a plateau. The brisket is essentially releasing so much liquid that it’s actually cooling down the temperature of the meat.
    • The Texas Crutch technique was invented to combat this “stall” time while smoking meats.
    • To use this technique, tightly double wrap the brisket in foil when it reaches between 65-70 °C.
    • Brush liberally with the wet mop before wrapping, then discontinue wet mopping throughout the remainder of the cooking process.
    • Pplace two large pieces of foil on top of each other on the grill grate, then add the brisket on top of the foil when I begin smoking it. This way I do not have to remove the brisket from the smoker to wrap it in foil.Pull the foil pieces together to tightly wrap the brisket.
    • Place a meat thermometer in the meat through the foil to monitor the internal temperature of the brisket. Once it hits 95°C, remove the brisket from the foil and place back on the smoker for an additional 30 minutes. This last 30 minutes will help finish the deliciously crispy bark on the brisket.

  • Let the brisket rest before slicing