AIS, NMEA, Seatalk to OpenCPN using Quark Wireless AIS Receiver with GPS + SeaTalk Converter

Building a setup that is stable and simple with OpenCPN is not easy when you use a Raspberry PI or Intel NUC or other small formfactor computer in your boat.

Using a computer in your boat for OpenCPN requires a configuration and operating system.  A big downside is the management of the system. Starting your trip you will need to boot the system, I have been configuring an Intel NUC with auto boot to OpenCPN, WiFi repeater, USB GPS receiver last winter. You can create a great opensource system with everything you need or want to configure. With cheap hardware and cheap options for GPS and AIS.

Not wanting a computer to boot up when sailing I have been looking around how to get AIS, Depth, GPS position and Hull and GPS Speed to my Windows tablet.

Searching the internet I found a company called Quark-elec

Just what I'm looking for!

Depending on your devices already available in your boat you can make a selection of one or more products.

The options are endless....

My setup:
  • VHF radio, NAVMAN 7100EU posibilty to add GPS location
  • Raymarine Seatalk Log and depth
  • GPS from antenna to OpenCPN
  • AIS to OpenCPN
  • Add GPS location to VHF radio
  • Seatalk input to OpenCPN for depth and log speed
  • NMEA output for OpenCPN through WiFi
From the Quark-elec website I selected the QK-A027

Setup overview:
A great feature is that the system is powered through the seatalk bus, adding this to my existing log it will power up when I select to power on the log!
When it powers on it will provide all info to OpenCPN by the Quark-elec through WiFi!

All this for a very reasonable price at €126.44
After ordering it arrived from the UK within a few days